Why Choose Us Over the Competition?

We know you may be skeptical to order our product. In this economy, money is especially tight. For starters, we encourage you to “shop around” and see if you can find another company that can match our price, features, support, and our “Peace of Mind” Guarantee.  In addition to providing the cheapest and best study guide, we provide QUALITY! Without quality, it doesn’t matter how much you save if you end up failing the IRS Competency Exam.  Providing error-free products is one of our top priorities!

We’ve purchased and evaluated our competitor’s products. We were shocked to find errors in both their study guides and websites. These types of errors can cost you a question on an IRS exam, which might be the difference between passing and failing. Rest assured, we thoroughly scrutinize our material before ever publishing it.  To us, it’s unforgivable to post or publish shoddy work on a website or study guide.  If a company can’t perform these rudimentary operations correctly, can you really be confident that they can teach complicated tax subjects?  We challenge you to see if you can find another company that provides tax instructions and study questions in the same format as us.  For example, some of our competitors just cut and past the material right from the IRS publications.  To us, this is absurd!  Why should a customer buy a study guide from a company that just copies what the IRS already has available for free?  We have also seen some companies that cut and paste from IRS publications but do so in a manner that is too consolidated.  This leaves their study guide incomplete and hard-to-understand, even for the experienced tax pro.

Compare our instructions to those of the IRS

We’ve tried to find a happy medium. Our goal was to create something that either an experienced or rank amateur tax preparer can use to help prepare for an IRS exam. We wanted to make sure it was abbreviated enough to save the individual time, without sacrificing content. Lastly, we wanted our study guide to be somewhat entertaining and interesting to read. Granted, tax instruction, by nature, is a dry and dull subject. However, we don’t believe that a person has to fall asleep while studying it. We have done our best to make the material a bit more interesting by interjecting humor here and there. Please check out an example in our Study Guide or our FREE Online Test Bank.

What’s on the IRS Competency Exam?