Tax Preparer Certification: IRS Establishes New Standards

The new IRS Professional Tax Preparer Certification rules adopted in 2010 and becoming effective this year and continuing through 2013 establish new standards for Registered Tax Preparers as well as the requirements for PTIN Registration and Competency Testing. Prior to the establishment of the … [Read more...]

Two Deadlines Set for Passing the Registered Tax Preparer Competency Exam

The IRS continues to establish new rules and guidelines that apply to individuals who prepare tax returns for compensation. The IRS recently clarified rules regarding the deadlines for passing the Registered Tax Preparer Competency Exam. It seems the IRS is closing in on the term Registered Tax … [Read more...]

Our Instructions vs IRS Instructions

Our goal was to create a Tax Preparer Study Guide that either an experienced or rank amateur tax preparer can use to help prepare for the IRS exam. We wanted to make sure it was abbreviated enough to save the individual time, without sacrificing content. Lastly we wanted our study guide to be … [Read more...]

What’s on the IRS Competency Exam?

The IRS Tax Preparer Competency Exam will have multiple choice questions covering the following Tax and Income forms: Wage & Non-Business Income Form 1040 Examination (Link To View IRS Forms And … [Read more...]