“Peace of Mind” Guarantee

“Don’t worry, be happy” is not just a song by Bobby McFerrin, it’s a mantra that we believe in here at The Tax Squad!  Let’s face it, life brings about enough worries as it is without having to worry about what changes the IRS might make to their Competency Exam or any annual changes to the tax code.  When you purchase our study guide, you get our “Peace of Mind” Guarantee.  With this guarantee, you have two options if the IRS makes a change to their Competency Exam for Registered Tax Return Preparers or a change to the tax code:

1.  Receive in PDF format any revised or additional chapters that we need to bring about to cover the IRS changes for FREE

2.  Receive our new study guide in book form to cover the IRS changes for a nominal fee of $20.95, which is just enough to pay for the book’s cost and shipping/handling

Remember, buy our study guide to prepare for the IRS Competency Exam and have no worries!