Do You Need a Tax Preparer License?

The new IRS requirements for paid tax preparers are not requirements for a tax preparer license. As of the date of this post there are only two states that require a Tax Preparer License, Oregon and California. ┬áIf you prepare taxes in Oregon or California, you will need to meet both the state and … [Read more...]

Tax Preparer Certification: IRS Establishes New Standards

The new IRS Professional Tax Preparer Certification rules adopted in 2010 and becoming effective this year and continuing through 2013 establish new standards for Registered Tax Preparers as well as the requirements for PTIN Registration and Competency Testing. Prior to the establishment of the … [Read more...]

IRS Requires Electronic Registration for your PTIN

The latest updates from the IRS requires All Paid Tax Preparers to Register for their PTIN Before the 2011 Tax Season All Paid Tax Preparers MUST now pay a $50.00 PTIN Registration Fee (Plus $14.25 Service Fee) All Paid Tax Preparers MUST Pass a Compentency Exam beginning in June of … [Read more...]

What’s on the IRS Competency Exam?

The IRS Tax Preparer Competency Exam will have multiple choice questions covering the following Tax and Income forms: Wage & Non-Business Income Form 1040 Examination (Link To View IRS Forms And … [Read more...]

PTIN – Preparer Tax Identification Number

PTIN is an acronym for Preparer Tax Identification Number. Tax preparers use the PTIN instead of their personal Social Security Number (SSN) when paid for preparing tax returns for others. It is estimated that there are as many as 1.2 million paid tax return preparers. The IRS plans to launch a new … [Read more...]