Hot Off The Press- IRS Competency Exam Subject Matter Update!

Wow!  It seems that the IRS went all out when creating the new exam that a registered tax return preparer must pass.  Basically, they made it a mini-Enrolled Agent exam, minus the small business material.  Check out the following link to see a complete list of the test material, "IRS Competency … [Read more...]

Latest & Greatest Registered Tax Return Preparer Regulations

So you wanna be a tax preparer?  Kind of sounds like a game show, eh?  All kidding aside, the IRS is continually getting closer and closer toward coming up with a solid game plan for an individual to follow in order to prepare taxes for compensation.  Like the tax code itself, their game plan … [Read more...]

IRS Fingerprinting For Registered Tax Preparers

This just in! Beginning in the Fall of 2011, the IRS will require that all registered tax return preparers submit their fingerprints to them so they can run a background check. Uh oh, it seems that all us convicted felons will be out of work. :-( Seriously now, a preparer will be able to submit … [Read more...]

PTIN Renewal For 2012

Registered tax return preparers can renew their current PTINs starting on Oct. 16th, 2011 for 2012. Remember, the IRS has changed the registration period from annual to calendar. This means that it doesn't matter on what date you received your PTIN but that you will have until the end of the … [Read more...]

Are You In Noncompliance With IRS Regulations?

About 1 out of every 8 of the nation’s professional tax return preparers failed to comply with new regulations for 2011, according to data released by the IRS.  Shame on them!  Didn't their mommas teach them any better? The IRS has announced that approximately 100,000 paid … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Tax Preparer License?

The new IRS requirements for paid tax preparers are not requirements for a tax preparer license. As of the date of this post there are only two states that require a Tax Preparer License, Oregon and California.  If you prepare taxes in Oregon or California, you will need to meet both the state and … [Read more...]

PTIN Tax Preparers -What do you call yourself?

A terminology guide for Registered Tax Preparers The new IRS rules for Registered Tax Preparers have left professional tax preparers wondering about their official designation. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regulations Governing Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service states this: An … [Read more...]

Tax Classes and Other Myths Targeting PTIN Registered Tax Preparers?

The new IRS PTIN regulations require paid tax preparers to meet new IRS rules in order to practice as a professional tax preparers. The regulations are easy to understand and are being phased in incrementally. In spite of clear guidance by the IRS for PTIN tax preparers, there has been a … [Read more...]

Professional Tax Preparer Course Bundle: A complete learning system

Professional Tax Preparers looking for a tax preparer training class, course or online income tax course to prepare for the IRS preparer competency exam will find an all inclusive learning opportunity with the Tax Preparer Study Guide Bundle from the Tax Squad. Comprehensive Training Guide: The … [Read more...]

Tax Preparation Training: What Registered Tax Preparers need to know

If your goal is to be a Registered Tax Preparer, how do you prepare for the IRS competency exam for paid tax preparers? Even preparers with lots of experience will probably need some kind of tax preparation training because real life experience doesn't necessarily relate to broadbased academic … [Read more...]