Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) Exam Scheduled To Begin Next Week!

Well folks, we knew it was coming sooner or later!  After all, that’s why we went into business!  lol  The IRS has just announced that the Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam (RTRP Exam) will start to be administered next week (week of 11/28/2011).  As originally announced, Prometric will be the third party vendor that will adminster the exam.  This exam will be 120 questions consisting of both true/false and multiple choice questions with a time limit of 2.5 hours.  The total fee will be $116, which is less than projected because the IRS is not planning on requiring fingerprinting as part of their background check (at least not at this time).  The test will cover all of Form 1040 topics and Ethics (click here), which is fully covered in a concise, entertaining fashion by our study guide.

Don’t plan on getting your results until 2-6 weeks after taking the exam.  Normally, you get your results from Prometric immediately after taking an exam at their facility.  However, since this is the first time the RTRP Exam is being administered, the IRS needs time to validate the scores and determine what the pass/cut off score is for test takers.  In other words, this is unexplored territory for the IRS and they need time to determine which end is up.  For those taking the exam once this validation period ends (mid-to-late January), a result will be available immediately after one takes it.  When an individual takes the exam, they will only be notified if they passed or failed the exam, not given their actual score.

Technically, a tax preparer with a provisional PTIN has until the end of 2013 to pass the required RTRP Exam.  Are you planning on waiting until the last minute or do you just want to get it over with?  Buy our study guide now and you will not only ensure that you will be able to pass the exam the first time and get it over with but also increase your tax code proficiency so that you will better be able to serve your clients during the upcoming tax season!  So what are you waiting for, Christmas?!  Well, it’s here next month—–Order Now!!!