IRS Fingerprinting For Registered Tax Preparers

This just in! Beginning in the Fall of 2011, the IRS will require that all registered tax return preparers submit their fingerprints to them so they can run a background check. Uh oh, it seems that all us convicted felons will be out of work. :-(

Seriously now, a preparer will be able to submit their fingerprints when they go to take the IRS Competency Exam or when they renew their PTIN. The estimated fee for submitting these fingerprints will range anywhere from $60 to $90. This is on top of the fee for PTIN registration or PTIN annual renewal and the Competency Exam testing fee. Hmm, we wonder how much extra revenue this will generate for the IRS???

There will be two approved fingerprinting companies that an individual can choose from:
1. Prometric, Inc. (which is the testing site that will administer the IRS Competency Exam
2. Daon Trusted Identity Services (the company used for registration/renewal of PTIN)

IRS Statement: Selection of Vendors for Return Preparer Testing and Fingerprinting Programs.


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