Tax Certification for Registered Tax Preparers Creates Opportunity

Tax Certification by the IRS no longer means that an individual has to become an Enrolled Agent to be a professional tax preparer. Now you can receive a significant tax certification by becoming a Registered Tax Preparer. Of course, Enrolled Agents must meet a higher standard and practice before the IRS at an elevated level of repsonsibility, but that does not diminish the importance of the IRS tax preparer certification offered by completion of the IRS Registered Tax Preparer requirements.

While the new IRS regulations for tax preparers impose an increased burden on tax preparers, the new preparer regulations also provide a professional employment opportunity.

Three reasons why the new IRS Registered Tax Preparer regulations might be a good opportunity for you.

Anyone can become a registered tax preparer: Although it might be hard to believe, you don’t even have to be a United States citizen to become an IRS registered tax preparer. You don’t even have to have a social security number. If you fit into either of these categories, you must file this supplemental PTIN registration form; the point is that the opportunity to become a registered tax preparer is wide open to anyone over the age of 18.

No sponsor,¬†apprenticeship, or previous employment is required: You can become a registered tax preparer without any previous experience, without a sponsor from an employer or other organization, and you don’t have to work for someone else once certified as a registered tax preparer.

No special education required: Becoming a Registered Tax Preparer does not require special education. Although tax certification requires a significant degree of knowledge regarding IRS tax forms and regulations, it does not require that you go to school, have an associates or undergrad degree, or a certificate from a vocational school. It’s perfectly acceptable to learn at ¬†home at your own pace to prepare for the IRS registered tax preparer competency exam.

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