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The IRS Competency Exam will be either pass or fail and have a total of 120 questions.  The questions will be in a mixed format of multiple choice and true/false questions covering the following Tax and Income forms:

Wage & Non-Business Income Form 1040 Examination
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1040EZ 8606 Cash
1040A 8812
1040A Schedules 1, 2and,3 8821 Tax Information Authorization W-2
1040 8859 DC First Time Home Buyers Credit W2G
1040 Schedules A, B,C, D, D-1, E, EIC, L, M, R, SE 8863 1098
2106EZ 8867 1098E Student,Loan,Interest
2120 8879 1098T
2441 8880 1099B
2555EZ 8888 Direct Deposit Voucher 1099C
3903 8889 1099DIV
4137 Unreported Tip Income 8917 1099G
4868 Extension of Time to File 9465 Request for an Installment Agreement 1099INT
5405 First Time Home Buyers Credit 1040ES 1099 MISC (box 9)
8283 1040X, 1099 OID
8332 1040V 1099 R
8379 Injured Spouse W-4/W-4P/W-4V
8453 W-7
 The IRS has broken up the content of what will be covered on its exam into what it calls “Domains”.  A breakdown of those “Domains” are as follows:

  1. Preliminary Work & Collection of Taxpayer Data (15% of exam)
  2. Treatment of Income & Assets (22% of exam)
  3. Deductions & Credits (22% of exam)
  4. Other Taxes (11% of exam)
  5. Completion of the Filing Process (10% of exam)
  6. Practices & Procedures (5% of exam)
  7. Ethics (15% of exam)

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